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dollystrange's Journal

22 November 1989
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my journal is about my ana/mia struggles, daily intake, purges/binges, fasts, weight loss, weight gain, relationships, religion, school, family, etc.

H - 4ft9
HW - 120
LW - 91
CW - [blog]

GW1 - 90 [bmi=19.5]
GW2 - 87 [bmi=18.8]
GW3 - 83 [bmi=17.9]
GW4 - 80 [bmi=17.3]
"god", [color]green, [color]purple, [extreme]weightloss, [human]body, [stained]glass art, abortion[pro-choice], abstract art, abuse, americas next top model, and yoga. believe me, animal rights, animals, anorexia, art, avril lavigne, bisexuality, biting, bmi, bondage, books, bright colors, bulemia, cats, choking, city, clothes, cooking, creation, dancing, deformity, dental hygenist, depression, dieting, disgusting things, disorders[of the brain], dwarfism, eating disorders, emily the strange, emotion, europe, faeries, fall, fantasy, fasting, fear, flyleaf, foreign things, friends, gagging, gay, genocide, germany, glow sticks, gore, greenday, hairdye, helping, hitler, homeless, horror, individualism, innocence, jagged edges, johnny cash, kandie, ketosis, killing, kink, knowlege, kyaking, lesbianism, licking, make up, malnutrition, mark cosmetics, massaging, metabolism, mindless self indulgence, morgue, moshing, mountains, music, nails, natural cures, nature, night, oral, orfaces, organs, orgasm, paddles, painting, peta, phobias, photography, prison, psychological disorders, psychology, purging, rainbows, rave, reading, reincarnation, religion, reproduction, rock climbing, roleplay, scratching, screaming, sculptures, secrets, self-inflicted injury, serenity, sewing, sexuality, soulmates, spanking, spirituality, spring, stars, suicide, talking, terror, theres more., torture[cruel & unsual forms], trash, ugly things, underweight, unique beauty, universe, vanity, veganism, vegetarianism, veria, virginity, vitals, volkswagons, volounteering, vulgarity, war protests, water, whipping, windchimes, wrist bangers/cutters, x-ratings, x-rays