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20 August 2010 @ 12:42 pm
intake so far  
1/2 bagel(sara lee honey wheat) - 150 cals, .75g fat
1/3 serving packet low fat cream cheese - 27cals, 2g fat
snack size reeses cup - 80cal, 3g fat (shouldnt have eaten it)

in total = 257cals, 5.75g fat, not bad.

im wondering what i should pack for lunch though, were out of bananas. 1/2 peanut butter sandwich, 10cal jello, and yogurt? that would be... around 300cals, 7.5g fat

which would make today's total 557cals, 14.25g fat. plus im going to work out either before or after work, im thinking before so i can get it out of the way.

i need to drink more water too, havent drank anything today yet.

oh, and i found out my bagel had 11g of protein (in a full one) weird.

andrew talked to me finally, said he fell asleep last night -shrug- i guess ill believe him. i just want to see him tonight, i miss him so so sooo much right now. i just want to be in bed with him cuddling. i cant wait to see him tonight, i just hope dad doesnt fuss about me driving so late at night such a long distance.

anyway im gonna pack my stuff and get ready for work, update later. andrew mentioned having a surprise for me, i wonder what it is :)
Current Mood: missing him.