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20 August 2010 @ 11:41 am
so cold...  
i was right about withholding water, i drank a whole bottle of water yesterday and this morning im sitting at 123.4 :)

i have this idea of eating healthy but restricting, skipping dinner maybe. trying to stay beneath 600-800cals a day, 18-20g of fat or less. i want to do something i can stick to, im not as strong as i used to be.

ive been trying to get ahold of andrew, we had a pretty bad fight last night and he pissed me off by pretty much just not caring. i tried to talk to him about the lieing thing and he just got mad that i was accusing him and stopped talking to me. i got pissed and basically told him (not this bluntly) to go ahead and break things off, just let me know when. now im still kinda mad at him but i more-so just want to forget about it and just be next to him, i miss him so much right now. i dont know if hes sleeping or ignoring me but im getting really mad about it. i really want to see him tonight but hes being an asshole so far, i may just wait till wednesday so i can lose another few pounds, i could be 119 by the time i see him then.

idk, im just really lonely and im starting to wonder if hes in this for the right reasons anymore.
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