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18 August 2010 @ 10:54 pm
work was so tiring, i ate half a chicken & dumpling meal thing (just ate the dumplings) im guessing about 150cals & 3g of fat, a banana (121), and a sugar free jello (10) so that makes 281 & 3g fat at work.  i ate half a packet of mashed potatoes (160 cals, 1.5g fat) and about 5 double stuffed off brand oreos (350cals & 17.5g fat UGGGHHH) so for after work, that makes 510cals & 19g fat.  i need to cut the fucking candy and shit out of my diet completely, im such a fucking fat ass!  i NEED motivation!  (as if my fat fucking self isnt motivation enough)

its so funny how people think that the cure to an eating disorder is JUST TO EAT.  no, its not.  its a hell of alot more than they think.  its the mental abuse, that the biggest factor.  i need this.  im going to try my hardest to diet tomorrow.  a bagel & cream cheese for breakfast, a banna and yogurt at work, water and baby carrots the rest of the day.  repeat.

im thinking about going back vegetarian, its so much healthier.
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